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Fatal Accident: Car vs 18-Wheeler Truck

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Toyota Camry loses control on Moscow highway, veers into oncoming traffic, and collides with a Renault 18-wheeler truck. The driver of the Toyota died from his injuries at the scene. The truck driver and two of other ...

Car Rolls Over After Surprise Accident

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Volume warning! Car comes off the highway at a high rate of speed, crashes through guard rails and into the dash cam vehicle driving down another road. The impact causes the dash cam vehicle to flip over, but it ap...

Motorcyclist Drives Off the Road as Drivers Laugh

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A motorcyclist passes a vehicle, but is now going too fast around the turn to avoid the bus. He instead drives off the road and wrecks - much to the delight of the occupants of the dash cam vehicle. Idiot aggressive b...

Girl Crossing Street Hit by Train & Survived

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This girl appears to be looking to the left as she crosses traffic, but somehow missed that TRAIN coming toward her! All the dash cam driver can do is honk his horn to try and warn the female pedestrian. To be honest,...

Head-on Russian Highway Crash

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Oncoming driver unexpectedly loses control around a curve, veers into an oncoming lane, and gets hit head-on by a commercial truck. The accident causes the dash cam vehicle to steer into the ditch. Nice reflexes. V...

Inattentive Driver Crashes Head-on Into Guard Rail

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Driver appears to not be paying much attention to his driving, moves into a turn lane thinking it's a new lane opening up, and crashes directly into the beginning of a guard rail.  It is reported that the driver was k...

Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Stopped Traffic

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Traffic congestion on the highway up ahead causes cars to brake quickly. This speeding motorcyclist (on a "crotch rocket") doesn't see it in time and slams into the rear of a car at a very high rate of speed. No word ...

Guy Riding Dirt Bike Motorcycle Hits Black Bear

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A dirt biker riding down the trail gets caught off-guard by a black bear cub trying to cross the trail. The cyclist tries to avoid him, but ends up clipping the little guy and laying the bike down. He's lucky momma be...

Scooter Hit by Oncoming Car on Highway

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Three people riding on one scooter take the turn a bit too fast and veer into oncoming highway lanes. Very graphic as you can see the 3 people flipping through the air.  There was one fatality, but it could have easil...

Gun Pulled on Road Rage Driver Holding Metal Pipe

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Start watching at 0:49 The video shows some kid cutting off the dash cam driver on a highway in Israel, then getting out of his car to fight the dash cam vehicle's driver. Luckily for us viewers, it ends with some ...

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