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Pedestrians vs. Cars Compilation

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Some of these are pretty bad. Pay attention out there!!

Lowlife Jumps Onto Car in Insurance Scam Attempt

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This man needs a few swift kicks to the face. What a worthless human being. Just another reason to get a dash cam!

Poker Run Boat Accident Slams Passengers

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Very shocking footage of a single-boat accident during a poker run race where a boat hit a very large wake. As a result, all 7 passengers were injured; 5 had to be hospitalized. Those sunglasses were also about an ...

A Very Purple Automobile Accident

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Car accident in Russia.  Keep your eyes on purple!! Video taken 2/7/2012

Bus Driver Without Seat Belt Crashes Into Home

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Video of 74-year-old bus driver Jack Thomas wrecking a school bus into a house. Thomas was working for the Carmel, Indiana school district bus has since resigned. Police said Thomas was making a turn, but turned to...

Lucky Truck Driver Flies Through Windshield

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This guy is incredibly lucky to be alive.  He literally crashes through the windshield and walks away after a head-on 18-wheeler accident. Video taken September 19th, 2012.

Crane Hooks Car & Drags it Down the Road

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Frightening dashcam footage of a Chinese carrier's unsecured crane accidentally hooking the car behind him and taking it for an unwanted ride. Thankfully a witness on a scooter sped up and was able and stop the truck....

Motorcycles Vs. Styrofoam on Highway

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Spilled Styrofoam on the highway causes a few bikers to wipe out hard. It never ceases to amaze me how some cars will try to pass by as though nothing important has happened. ಠ_ಠ

Speeding Driver Rear-ends Another Driver

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Is it me, or do these cars appear to be driving way too fast for these roads? Russia... ಠ_ಠ So much paper in the back of the victim's car!  It was likely his memoirs or something equally as important.

Insurance Scam Fail Caught by Dash Cam

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Well... I would have kicked his ass for jumping on my car like that. Video taken 8/23/2012.