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Motorcyclist Runs Red Light & T-Bones Car

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Speeding motorcyclist runs a red light, and t-bones a vehicle. No word on the injuries to the biker. Video taken September 29th, 2012 (09/29/2012).

Stupid Driver Causes High-Speed Accident

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Volume warning! You think it's going to be the dash cam driver causing this accident, moving at such a high rate of speed (and I'm sure the speeding contributed to the accident), but the accident was caused by a ve...

U-Turn on Highway Causes Accident With Truck

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Not-so-smart driver in a green Lada decides to make a U-turn on the highway without checking traffic.  It's kind of hard to stop such a large truck. Video taken August 23rd, 2012 (08/23/2012).

Drunk Driver Kills 3 in Horrific Head-on Crash

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Drunk driver in Russia plows head-on into an old Lada (Russian car), killing three people, including a 10-year old girl and her mother. The drunk driver survived (with serious injuries). Why is it that the scumbag ...

Sleeping Driver Crosses Into Oncoming Traffic

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Such a scary view... It appears this driver falls asleep at the wheel, and veers into oncoming highway traffic.  The dashcam vehicle was lucky the accident wasn't much worse.

Speeding Driver Hits Car, Then Pole, Then Rolls Into Ditch

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The occupants of the dashcam vehicle sure got a surprise when they were hit from behind. The driver appears to have sideswiped them while overtaking at a dangerous speed.  Karma quickly catches up and sends the speede...

Motorcycle Showoff Crashes Custom Bike

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When will "stunters" learn? Oooohhh you can ride with your legs in the air and your feet off the pegs, wow!

Surprise Rear-End Wreck at Road Construction Site

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The accident happened on the M10 in Russia (surprise). Five-car pileup caused by a trucker failing to stop for construction traffic.  Apparently no one was hurt, even though some of the cars shown at the end look some...

Cars vs. Large Trucks Accident Compilation

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Compilation of accidents involving large trucks and 18-wheelers. There are likely some fatalities in this compilation, so I went ahead and marked it MA. Damn, trucks; you scary.

Fatal Crash Between Car and Moped With No Lights

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Volume warning! Three teenagers were riding on a moped with no headlights and no helmets, and end up (surprise) crashing into a car. Unfortunately, the driver of the moped and a passenger were injured, the other 17-ye...