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Surprise Rear-End Wreck at Road Construction Site

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The accident happened on the M10 in Russia (surprise). Five-car pileup caused by a trucker failing to stop for construction traffic.  Apparently no one was hurt, even though some of the cars shown at the end look some...

Van Drives Head-On Into Highway Streetlight

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Not sure on the condition of the driver, but it was a pretty serious accident. Video taken July 11th, 2012.

Speeding Driver Hits Car, Then Pole, Then Rolls Into Ditch

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The occupants of the dashcam vehicle sure got a surprise when they were hit from behind. The driver appears to have sideswiped them while overtaking at a dangerous speed.  Karma quickly catches up and sends the speede...

SUV Starts to Roll Over & Crashes Head-On Into Car

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Must have pretty crazy to see this coming straight at you.  The driver kind of froze, but there wasn't a whole lot of warning as to the SUV's trajectory. Looks kind of like a Range Rover, but I cannot tell.

South Korean Pedestrian Hit by Car

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Can't tell for sure if this is an insurance scam attempt or not; mainly because the pedestrian gets up so quickly. But why did he dart back like that? Strange...

2 Motorcyclists Doing Wheelies Wipe Out

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Bikers showing off get some instant karma. The 2nd biker didn't even need to crash but drove into the oil slick.

Stupid Driver Causes High-Speed Accident

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Volume warning! You think it's going to be the dash cam driver causing this accident, moving at such a high rate of speed (and I'm sure the speeding contributed to the accident), but the accident was caused by a ve...

Pedestrian Attempts Suicide by Car

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I cant tell if this guy is trying to commit suicide, or pulling a scam attempt. Either way the guy got hurt (not killed).

Woman Struck by Vehicle Which Flees the Scene

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A woman with starts to cross at a pedestrian crossing after a driver in a Hyundai stops for her. Unfortunately another driver was not paying attention and hits the woman, throwing her shopping bags everywhere. The neg...

Amazing Timber Truck Rollover Accident

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Crazy footage of a timber truck failing to stop for traffic, overturning, and spilling its load into oncoming (stopped) traffic. I fear the truck driver may have been seriously injured or killed. The light pole crashe...