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Man Crawling on Dark Road Gets Hit

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WARNING: Pretty scary and almost certainly fatal pedestrian vs car accident. I don't know; maybe it was an accident, but it sure looks like suicide by innocent motorist. What a terrible way to do it - involving ran...

Lucky Driver Crawls Out Windshield After Car Accident

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Bad accident while overtaking at an unsafe speed. How extremely lucky, though!  The driver didn't just survive a brutal crash, he escaped with only minor bumps and bruises. Apparently the backseat passenger was also u...

Brake Failure on 18-Wheeler Truck Causes Bad Crash

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The people in the white car are incredibly lucky. No word on the truck driver's condition. Video taken November 12th, 2012 (11/12/2012).

Fatal Head-On Collision Caught on Dash Camera

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Renault Duster vs Toyota Tercel. There's no gore or anything, but apparently the driver in Toyota (the oncoming car) was killed in this accident. What a scary sight. Video of the aftermath. Video taken August ...

Driver Almost Causes Head-On Accident With Motorcycle

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Stupid driver overtaking on a hill almost causes a fatal head-on accident with a motorcycle. The car and motorcycle end up missing by mere inches!

Russian Police Chase Ends With an Accident

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Hope he is badly hurt, considering he put so many people at risk... Video taken November 8th, 2012 (11/08/2012).

Reckless Driver Crashes Mercedes SUV Into 18-Wheeler Truck

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Stupid driver in a black Mercedes SUV speeds around cars, and gets what's coming to him. He ends up crashing into the back of a stopped flatbed truck, banging himself up pretty bad.

Truck Driver Crosses Traffic and Causes Bad Accident

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What was the truck driver thinking? How could he not see the two approaching cars? What an idiot. Video taken October 24th, 2012 (10/24/2012).

Hit & Run Driver Crashes Into 2nd Vehicle While Fleeing

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Guy rear-ends a truck, and tries to flee the scene by using the oncoming traffic lane. The dumbass somehow doesn't see the dash camera vehicle right in front of him and crashes again. I love how after he crashes he...

Man Lies Down in Crosswalk, Gets Run Over

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It appears the man has a medical issue such as a heart attack and simply lies down on the crosswalk. The other awesome pedestrians couldn't be bothered to check on the man, and as the light turns green, he gets run ov...