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Woman Thrown Through Windshield in Car Crash

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This woman took an unsafe blind turn on at an intersection and got t-boned. She actually gets partially ejected through the windshield! Well, I guess you can't really fly through a windshield when it literally falls o...

Semi Truck Sideswipes Car & Causes Rollover Accident

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VOLUME WARNING! 18-wheeler trucks can cause big accidents when their drivers don't pay attention. This trucker didn't even stop after the accident. Video taken September 3rd, 2012 (09/03/2012).

Blown Truck Tire Causes Fatal Head-on Accident

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Six vehicles were involved, and three people died in this accident, which occurred near the town of Nowe Zambrzyce (province Podlaskie, Poland). The accident was caused when the oncoming Mercedes truck's tire blew,...

Chinese Driver Hits Concrete Road Divider & Almost Flips

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I can't blame it all on the driver, even though (s)he was obviously not paying full attention... There was really no protection, lights, or reflectors to warn drivers. Video taken January 3rd, 2013 (01/03/2013).

Instant Karma for Impatient Driver

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Don't you love seeing instant karma? The guy in the red Mitsubishi can't be bothered to wait another 5 seconds, and attempts to pass a truck stopped in traffic. The car then gets instantly stuck in the snow. I love...

This Guy’s Too Cool to Pay Attention to the Road

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This guy drives around Belarus smoking a spliff. Me thinks he is more concerned with how cool he looks on camera, than what's going on in front of him. Video taken January 9th, 2009 (01/09/2012).

Pedestrian Gets Even With Driver Who Fails to Stop

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This is why you always stop for pedestrians! And kudos to the pedestrian. Fuck that guy. Video taken December 29th, 2012 (12/29/2012).

Rollover Accident on Highway Causes Passenger Ejection

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The accident happened in China, maybe Taiwan. Apparently the driver who caused the accident dozed off behind the wheel. You can see one passenger get ejected from the flipping vehicle, but no one died in this accident...

Drunk Driver Causes Head-on Collision

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There are very few cars on the road - not a bad day for driving. Everybody taking it easy, they all have their own agendas but no one's in a hurry. Then all of a sudden you get this drunk driving douchebag flying in d...

Truckload Full of Cows Tips Over After Crash

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Scary video of a truck full of cattle rolling over after a collision, spilling about 20 cows onto the street. At least they were wearing their leathers... Video taken December 11th, 2012 (12/11/2012).