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California Biker Almost Taken Out by Dumb Driver (1 of 2)

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Quick thinking by this biker saved his life. Out for a ride on Glendora Mountain Road in California, this biker was surprised by an idiot driver in the oncoming lane around a blind corner. Apparently the vehicle wa...

Head-On Accident With Truck Causes 2nd Crash

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This is why you don't travel in the winter on summer tires. "Suka!!" Video taken January 21st, 2013 (01/21/2013).

Idiot Drives Head-on into Police Car

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Moron peels out directly in front of a patrol car, then proceeds to drive directly into the cruiser. The video was taken early new years day in Russia so he just might have been drinking... In America, they would h...

Baby Survives Falls Out of Rear Window in Car Crash

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The Mitsubishi driver was attempting to pass in a no passing zone, loses control, and collides with an oncoming truck. Then a 1-year-old BABY flied out of the back windshield onto the highway. What kind of parents dri...

Russian Dash Cam Compilation

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Here's a great 13 minute compilation video full of Russian dash cam accident video clips. Perfect song in opening video clip! Haha

Scooter Accident Set to Super Mario Bros Music

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Game over?! I distinctly heard him get a 1up!

Motorcyclist Gets Rear-Ended, Driver Flees Scene

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Motorcycle POV footage of a hit-and-run accident in Chicago, Illinois. Luckily the rider was not inured. The motorcyclist stalls his bike after the light turns green, then gets it started before immediately getting...

Woman & Her Kids Almost Hit Crossing Snowy Road

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You gotta hand it to the driver for missing the woman and her children. He was able to brake, jump the snow-furrows, and then repeat to get back into his lane before the on-coming car got there. Nice driving. Video...

Drunken Driver Causes Head-on Accident on Highway

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Drunk driver in (you guessed it) Russia drives into oncoming traffic on the highway causing a bad accident. The innocent motorist escaped with bruises, while the drunk driver is in intensive care with a fractured pelv...

Road Rage Ends With Guy Driving Into Open Car Door

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So awesome. This tough guy gets out of his car and attacks the dash cam vehicle. The driver takes off backward, and then takes out the angry guy's open car door. You could see the plan developing in the dash cam dr...