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Crazy Driver Hits Pedestrian, Flees, & Causes Fatal Head-on Crash

10.37K Views5 Comments

Absolutely insane in-dash footage of a Kazakhstani driver hitting a pedestrian and then fleeing, ultimately crashing head-on into an oncoming car at a very high rate of speed. This man shows not one ounce of compas...

Woman Hits Train, Then Gets Hit By 2nd Train

19.23K Views4 Comments

A woman was involved in an accident with two trains on October 13th, 2013, and officials say the 29-year-old female suspect was fleeing police when the bizarre car crash occurred. Officials say the woman walked away w...

Police Vehicle on Emergency Call Causes Fatal Accident at Intersection

5.01K Views4 Comments

A police vehicle with emergency lights activated causes a fatal accident when going through a red light. Video created 02/12/2008

Worst Case of Road Rage Ever Caught on Video?

7.94K Views4 Comments

Wow, what a psychopath. This man seriously needs mental help if this is how he reacts to an accident. He's in his own world acting like a child. Honestly, I really fear for his wife. This man does not know how to cont...

Reckless Overtaking Leads to Head-on Crash With Truck

14.87K Views3 Comments

Driver notices an oncoming commercial truck a tad too late, swerves, loses control of his car, and collides in a violent accident, ejecting one. No word on the condition of the ejected occupant, but it doesn't look go...

Two Russians Calmly Drive Off Bridge & Into River

11.31K Views3 Comments

This accident doesn't seem to bother these two Russians. If you look at the guardrail, they're not the first victims. Maybe they're taking a shortcut? Brief translation: - Hmm, end of the line. - We are floating ...

Pickup Truck Voilently Rolls Into Oncoming Traffic

14.00K Views3 Comments

Nice evasive driving by the dashcam vehicle as a pickup truck (Mazda BT-50) comes barreling toward them. This happened in Thailand somewhere between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima. Video taken September 21st, 2013 (...

Motorcyclist Runs Red Light & T-Bones Car

1.19K Views2 Comments

Speeding motorcyclist runs a red light, and t-bones a vehicle at what appears to be around 50 mph. No word on the condition of the biker. Video taken September 29th, 2012 (09/29/2012).

Police Chase Ends With Cop Crashing Into Open Door of Vehicle

3.61K Views2 Comments

Suspect George Davis leads police on a dramatic high speed chase that ends in a spectacular crash. You can see the suspect opening fire at the patrol car just before the collision. You even see the gun flying throu...

Inattentive Driver Crashes Head-on Into Guard Rail

2.69K Views2 Comments

Driver appears to not be paying much attention to his driving, moves into a turn lane thinking it's a new lane opening up, and crashes directly into the beginning of a guard rail.  It is reported that the driver was k...

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