Six vehicles were involved, and three people died in this accident, which occurred near the town of Nowe Zambrzyce (province Podlaskie, Poland).

The accident was caused when the oncoming Mercedes truck’s tire blew, but the real error was with the driver. When a steering tire blows, the trick is to NOT brake, but to step on the gas… Drive along until it is clear, foot off the accelerator then allow the truck to come to a stop without using the brake. By giving it gas you can regain control. Braking will cause you to lose further control more quickly as was demonstrated. This trucker should have been more aware of defensive driving techniques.

Video taken November 24, 2012 (11/24/2012).

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  • After all the accidents I see in Russia it seems you can buy an inspection sticker for trucks. Can you say CORRUPTION in Russian. If we ever go to war with Russia don’t send troops send Mexican trucks and they will do the job for us.