Video of 74-year-old bus driver Jack Thomas wrecking a school bus into a house. Thomas was working for the Carmel, Indiana school district bus has since resigned.

Police said Thomas was making a turn, but turned to wide, hitting the curb.  They said he bounced out of his seat before the bus crashed into the home. A family of four was inside the home when the accident occurred.  They said were just waking up when they heard the loud crash.

Thomas was cited for not wearing a seat belt.

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  • Jcris25 8 years ago

    People like this that break the law and put so many others in danger and cause a major accident like this that could have killed someone should have every possession they own taken from them equal to the amount of damage he caused. Home, car, etc…all the way down to his socks. Leave him with nothing on the street. After all, he took this families entire house from them.