Renault Duster vs Toyota Tercel. There’s no gore or anything, but apparently the driver in Toyota (the oncoming car) was killed in this accident. What a scary sight.

Accident Aftermath
Video of the aftermath.

Video taken August 26th, 2012 (08/26/2012).

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  • P.Rawlinson 2 years ago

    “Watching the standard of drivers on this site, it makes me wonder “WHY” our “Highways dept cannot understand “WHY” the driving standards here in the “UK” has also dropped to an all time low, & when considering the “HUGE” amounts of foreign drivers we now have here (No license, NO insurance,) & with them driving on “OUR ROADS” to the standards they are used to in their own countries its “NO BL**DY WONDER” (A) OUR insurance premiums have gone ballistic & ( B) the accident rates have followed, !!