So the driver had time to honk, but not brake? It actually seems like the driver accelerated at the end there. And to top it off, the woman’s phone gets ran over at the end of the video.

Video taken May 22nd, 2013 (05/22/2013).

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  • L Hall 7 years ago

    Driver had time to think about honking but not enough time to think about hitting the brakes? That’s the problem today, no one thinks of the brakes first, they have to keep forward motion at all cost, it’s subconscious now. Like when the guy in front of you brakes to turn left the first thing 90% of the people instead of braking being their first thought, their first thought is to change lanes to get around the obstacle. Problem is, they weren’t paying attention to the mirrors and realize that there is traffic and can’t change lanes THEN they hit the brakes. Unfortunately now you are a 100′ closer to the car turning now. I see it all day everyday in the big rig.

  • Where was she headed ?I looks like a construction barrier .