I hit a buck (had 2+ in. antlers) on my 04 GSXR 1000, which is the best looking year, on June 28, 2009.

I did not crash, but the bike was totaled. It literally jumped right in front of me (about 10 feet at most) and I had no time to react! While editing this vid, the deer was only on cam for 6 frames which is 6/30 or 1/5 of a sec!

I think the momentum from accelerating out of the corner is what saved me, along with the fact that I hit it while it was still in mid-air. There were many factors that kept me on 2 wheels and I can’t say whether I was lucky because I didn’t die or unlucky it even happened.

Not only did I not crash, but there was no car coming the other way to kill me when I crossed over. It was also amazing that none of the riders following closely behind me hit the unpredictable, spinning deer! There were 10 riders in front of me and about 10 behind. Speed was only a factor for who hit it, not whether or not it would have been hit. I rode it for another 45 mins until I had to shut it off to prevent engine damage because the radiator was busted.

I survived with not a scratch. The deer was still in mid air as it’s neck/shoulder was sliced by my right fork and brake rotor. Then it busted my frame slider all the way back, brushed my knee (leaving fur in the velcro), and flung off the exhaust, when it made like a top and spun to the other side of the road, leaving a blood trail over 50 ft. The 2 lines of blood keep intersecting, which show how much the deer spun.

By the way, I am not looking at my gauges. The cam was tilted down by accident, but I was fortunate because IF it was tilted up you wouldn’t be able to see the impact! Unfortunately, I forgot to buy a lotto ticket that day.

Factors to consider:
-Deer jumped from right side while I was leaning into it
-Deer was in mid air
-Only hit deer at neck, not body
-Small enough deer to stay below bike
-Was accelerating
-In a corner
-Wasn’t hanging off the bike as normal
-Frame slider protected leg from tearing off
-Stock exhaust prevented carcass from hitting bike
-No car oncoming
-Full gear

Video taken 6/28/2009


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