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Scooter Hit by Oncoming Car on Highway

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Three people riding on one scooter take the turn a bit too fast and veer into oncoming highway lanes. Very graphic as you can see the 3 people flipping through the air.  There was one fatality, but it could have easil...

Van Violently Crashes Head-on Into Police Cruiser

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Not the best quality video, but what a collision! Wish I had more info on this crash. Video taken October 4th 2005 (10/04/2005).

Fatal Crash Between Car and Moped With No Lights

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Volume warning! Three teenagers were riding on a moped with no headlights and no helmets, and end up (surprise) crashing into a car. Unfortunately, the driver of the moped and a passenger were injured, the other 17-ye...

Man Warns Daughter About Crashes, Then They Witness One

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A Russian father's advice about car accidents given to his young daughter ends with a real-life demonstration! Video taken April 17th, 2013 (04/17/2013).

KitFox Series 7 Airplane Crashes After Hitting Power Lines

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84-year-old Wilbert Matthes and his 20-year-old grandson (Ian Zawacki) are lucky to be alive following an aviation accident on Sunday, August 12th, 2012. The single-engine KitFox Series 7 airplane which Matthes was pi...

Motorcyclist Drives Off the Road as Drivers Laugh

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A motorcyclist passes a vehicle, but is now going too fast around the turn to avoid the bus. He instead drives off the road and wrecks - much to the delight of the occupants of the dash cam vehicle. Idiot aggressive b...

Runaway Bus Plows Down a Narrow Street

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This accident happened in South Korea. Apparently the bus lost its brakes while navigating down a narrow street. The dash cam driver actually manages to avoid the runaway bus!

Gas Tanker Truck Explodes in China

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A gas tanker truck carrying 20 tons of liquefied fuel rolls over on the Hunan Chang-Ji expressway in China, causing a leak. Firefighters of Yuan ling squadron responded quickly, but the leak soon got worse, causing a ...

Gun Pulled on Road Rage Driver Holding Metal Pipe

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Start watching at 0:49 The video shows some kid cutting off the dash cam driver on a highway in Israel, then getting out of his car to fight the dash cam vehicle's driver. Luckily for us viewers, it ends with some ...

Ford Focus Drives Up a Guard Rail

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The driver of a silver Ford Focus thinks he's smarter than everyone else and tries to pass the traffic using the shoulder.  Fortunately karma catches up as the driver gets stuck on a guard rail. Video taken August ...