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Russian Dash-Cam Supercut

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A collection of some of Russia's best dash cam clips.

Dash Cam Catches Rear-End Accident

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The dash cam driver sets up and captures a perfect shot of a minor rear-end accident involving 4 cars. Video created 07/26/2012

Motorcycle Driver Barely Misses Head-On Collision

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This motorcyclist barely misses becoming roadkill while overtaking vehicle. He gets slightly clipped, but not enough to stop his bike.

Tree Falls Onto Highway Nearly Causing Accident

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Loggers nearly cause an accident when they fell a tree onto the highway. Video created 07/27/2012

Woman Wipes Out on Scooter

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A woman wipes out on her scooter in a 1-vehicle accident. Maybe it has to do with all of those flashing lights! She takes it like a champ, especially for being in those shorts. Includes slow-mo replay. Video create...

Motorcyclist T-Bones Car at High Speed

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Biker FLIPS a car when his motorcycle t-bones vehicle at an intersection at a high rate of speed. Skip to 1:10. Video created 07/28/2012

Slow Moving Tractor Causes Minor Nighttime Accident on Highway

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An extremely slow-moving tractor with NO tail lights driving on a highway at night creates a hazardous situation. A car ends up rear-ending the dash cam car, and the tractor drives off.  Skip to 00:45 Video created...

Police Dash Cam Catches SUV Rollover Accident

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I can't figure why the driver of the SUV sped past the 2 police cars and crashed. It didn't seem as though the police vehicles had their emergency lights activated until after the crash. Video created 12/22/2010

Failed Brakes Cause Bus Accident

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Bus accident on the highway. Sudden traffic ahead and the bus driver is unable to stop, causing many accidents. Video taken 02/16/2012

Truck Hits Bus on Wet Road

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A truck loses control on a wet road, crashes over the road divider, and crashes HARD into a bus. Video taken 07/31/2012