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2 Motorcyclists Doing Wheelies Wipe Out

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Bikers showing off get some instant karma. The 2nd biker didn't even need to crash but drove into the oil slick.

Near-Miss Head-On 18-Wheeler Accident

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These things happen so fast! This driver reacted quickly and is lucky to be alive. Video taken October 3rd, 2011 (10/3/2011).

Pedestrians Almost Hit by Crashing Cars

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Two cars crash at an intersection. One of the girls crossing the road has good reflexes, one of them was just plain lucky not to be hit by the careening vehicles. Video taken March 17th, 2013 (03/17/2013).

Passenger Ejected Out Rear Window in Crash

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While I'm sure the female passenger was hurt, that could have easily caused a fatality. What was the driver doing?

Woman Throws McDonalds on Car at Crosswalk

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This uncourteous driver ends up with a McDonalds value meal & milkshake on the hood & windshield of his car. Hell hath no fury like a woman almost struck at a crosswalk. Video taken March 3rd, 2013 (03/03/2...

Insane Road Rage Video in Brisbane Austrailia

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The victim tells the story to the news as the video is shown. What a scary situation. This guy goes absolutely APESHIT trying to get to the Aussie in the dash cam vehicle while the driver phones 911. What a nut-job! ...

Man & Child Hit by Car – Both Walked Away

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Shocking video! The dash camera vehicle comes upon a car stopped in the middle of the road. The father was holding his toddler child for unknown reasons when a car, which was driving too fast to stop, slammed into the...

Karma Catches up to Speeding Driver

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The dash cam vehicle (a BMW) moves from the left to the right lane and begins to pass the Russian Lada (the red car). The Lada driver apparently gets offended that he's being passed, and decides to speed up considerab...

Head-on Russian Highway Crash

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Oncoming driver unexpectedly loses control around a curve, veers into an oncoming lane, and gets hit head-on by a commercial truck. The accident causes the dash cam vehicle to steer into the ditch. Nice reflexes. V...

Speeding Porsche + Truck With No Tail Lights

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The truck and the Porsche appear to both share some blame here. The truck is in the passing lane with absolutely no tail lights. The Porsche Cayman driver was clearly speeding as well. No word on the condition of t...