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Motorcycle Cam Catches Insurance Scam Attempt

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Here's another absolutely pathetic attempt to scam a motorcyclist in Hong Kong. The "man" who jumped in front of the bike then demanded money for a taxi ride. The motorcyclist then actually offers a ride on his bike t...

Rear-Ended – Should Have Worn a Seat Belt

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Surprise traffic catches this driver off-guard, but he's able to come to a stop without causing an accident.  That can't be said about the guy who rear-ends him though. The driver could have prevented some bumps an...

KC ATA Bus Rolls Down Embankment

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A Kansas City, Missouri ATA bus wreck caused 13 injuries in a rollover accident on southbound northwest Prairie View Road in the Northland area of Kansas City. Apparently a vehicle pulled in front of the bus, and as a...

Insurance Scam Foiled by Dash Cam

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Another blatant insurance fraud attempt in South Korea. This is a huge reason why dash cameras are so important; they save your ass, and you can laugh at it later!

2 Motorcyclists Doing Wheelies Wipe Out

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Bikers showing off get some instant karma. The 2nd biker didn't even need to crash but drove into the oil slick.

Close Call for Pedestrian Almost Hit by Car

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What a close call! You can see the pedestrian is in shock as she just stands still after the crash. Obviously the pedestrian's fault. :) Video taken February 7th, 2013 (02/07/2013).

Danger of Stopping in the Middle of the Road at Night

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The accident actually occurs at 1:50, so you might want to skip ahead. Watch how long it takes the dash cam vehicle to see a stopped car on the road. Russians need HID headlights! Video taken October 27th, 2012 (10...

Father & Children Almost Killed Crossing Road

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A Ukranian father attempts to cross a road with his 2 small children, but forgets to look both ways. They are struck by a vehicle but all three seem to be okay. It could have been so much worse! Video taken 7/17/2012

Stupid Driver Causes High-Speed Accident

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Volume warning! You think it's going to be the dash cam driver causing this accident, moving at such a high rate of speed (and I'm sure the speeding contributed to the accident), but the accident was caused by a ve...

Guy on Scooter Crashes Into Back of Van

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...and then gets hit by the dash cam vehicle. If you look for him earlier in the video, you can see him answering his phone at the stoplight. I'm assuming his phone distracted him. Video taken July 16th, 2011 (07/1...