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Driver Crashes Head-On Into Bus

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Driver swerves from oncoming lane directly into the path of a commuter bus. The people in the bus receive several non-life-threatening injuries. Apparently the driver of the car later died at the hospital. Photo1, ...

Female Motorcyclist Hurt in Car Accident

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This video was captured by a female motorcyclist wearing a helmet camera. The person driving the black car actually tried to blame this accident on the motorcyclist! Thankfully it was all on video. Video taken 2/10...

Man Pumping Gas Almost Gets Killed in Accident

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A bus hits a truck, they careen into a gas station and almost take out a man pumping gas. This guy is so lucky for such slow reaction-time. Video taken 7/04/2012

Overtaking Accident and Shrieking Woman

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VOLUME WARNING! Someone gets into a relatively minor rear-end accident while overtaking a group of cars on the highway. The woman in the dash cam car just can't take it! Video taken 7/14/2012

Motorcyclist Almost Run Over by Truck

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WOW, how lucky is this guy? Well, in the way that it could have been so much worse. The biker appeared to be driving at an unsafe speed, but his quick thinking prevents a MUCH worse outcome. The biker's foot was even ...

Tractor-Trailer Crosses Highway Divider

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Police dash camera catches a commercial semi-truck crashing through the highway divider into the oncoming lanes.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Speeding Audi S4 Causes Fatal Accident

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Warning: graphic First you see an Audi S4 speeding by the dash camera vehicle. Shortly thereafter the driver rolls up to the scene of a horrific accident involving the speeding Audi. The dash cam driver then detach...

Speeding Audi S4 Causes Fatal Accident pt2

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This is an update to a previous post showing the actual impact of the 2 vehicles. The 22-year-old driver of the Audi lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic, crashing into a Russian Volga. The 28-year-old dr...

Father & Children Almost Killed Crossing Road

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A Ukranian father attempts to cross a road with his 2 small children, but forgets to look both ways. They are struck by a vehicle but all three seem to be okay. It could have been so much worse! Video taken 7/17/2012

BMW E90 M3 Hydroplanes Then Rollover Accident

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Dash cam catches a speeding BMW hydroplaning, then slamming into the highway divider causing a rollover accident. Video taken 8/2/2012