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18-Wheeler Crashes Through Barrier Into Oncoming Traffic

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18-wheeler truck crashes through the highway lane-divider and almost annihilates lucky driver.

Some People Just Shouldn’t be Driving

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Collection of car accident videos set to When the Rain is Gone by Adam F.

Head-on Russian Highway Crash

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Oncoming driver unexpectedly loses control around a curve, veers into an oncoming lane, and gets hit head-on by a commercial truck. The accident causes the dash cam vehicle to steer into the ditch. Nice reflexes. V...

Suspect Steals Cop Car, Crashes it

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Dash cam video of police cruiser shows a suspect fighting a police officer, stealing the officer's cruiser, then crashing the stolen car into a landscaping truck at a high rate of speed. According to the Summervill...

Surprise Tank Crosses Snowy Road in Russia

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Why did the tank cross the road? Because RUSSIA! Video taken January 26th, 2013 (01/26/2013).

Woman Wipes Out on Scooter

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A woman wipes out on her scooter in a 1-vehicle accident. Maybe it has to do with all of those flashing lights! She takes it like a champ, especially for being in those shorts. Includes slow-mo replay. Video create...

Overtaking Vehicle Hits Police Car

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A car on a Russian highway attempts to overtake a car and 2 commercial trucks on the highway, but instead t-bones a police car pulling a u-turn. Love the sound the cop car makes when it's hit. Video taken 7/5/2012

Surprise Head-on Accident on Dark Road

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Drunk driver causes head-on accident in the middle of a dark road in the Ukraine. This is a reminder to always swerve right. Video taken November 15th, 2012 (11/15/2012).