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Two Dumb Drivers = Head-On Accident

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I mean seriously, this is one of the biggest roads I've seen and you managed to run into each other head-on? And what the hell are cars made out of in the Ukraine? The windshield just falls out of the car like that? ...

Slow Speed Head-On Accident With Truck

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Wow, some people just shouldn't be driving. Thankfully the truck was moving so slow, that no one was seriously injured. The driver did strike & break the windshield with his head. Hopefully that knocked some sense...

Driver Ejected in Highway Rollover Crash

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From what I can guess, the driver was speeding, saw the traffic cop parked on the right shoulder ahead, and braked too quickly. Unfortunately, the driver was ejected & likely killed. Wear your seatbelts people. ...

Person Clings to Front Bumper of 18-Wheeler to Avoid Death

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Apparently the truck driver drove through a crosswalk, and the pedestrian was hanging on for his dear life. Video taken May 22nd, 2013 (05/22/2013).

Rear-End Crash as Worker Falls From Billboard

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The caption on the billboard reads "Unreal luck."

Woman Takes Her Mitsubishi Colt Up on 2-Wheels

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She was passing to the right of a truck which was also signalling right. She kind of deserved what she got. The truck driver deserves a thank you for preventing the car from completely flipping over. Video taken...

Near-Miss Car Accident Compilation

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Five minutes of lucky bastards avoiding death. Not all are dashcams, but most are.

Pathetic Ukrainian Insurance Scam FAIL

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This guy doesn't even try... It looks like this guy took a few notes from professional soccer (football to non-Americans). Video taken March 20th, 2013 (03/20/2013).

Bus Driver Avoids Instant Death by Dodging Lamppost

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How incredibly lucky to escape with your life after a freak accident like that! The Chinese bus driver was clearly hit and pushed back by the huge pole which crashed through the windshield, but somehow made it out rel...

Why Are There So Many Dashcams in Russia?

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According to the video, the main reason so many people use dashboard cameras in Russia is as a result of the price discrepancy between liability-only car insurance, and full-coverage auto insurance (e.g. with a Ford F...

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