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Pedestrian Tries to Pull Insurance Scam

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Reason #743,903,320 to have a dash cam. A man just can't pass up the opportunity to leap on the hood of a vehicle as it passes him. Thankfully this driver had a dash camera, which shows the shameful actions of the ped...

Close Call With an 18-Wheeler Truck

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A semi-truck decides to make a u-turn on a snow-covered Russian highway, and nearly causes the dash cam vehicle to crash into the trailer. Very nice driving to avoid a collision. Opahhh! Video taken 7/11/2008

Woman Cuts Off a Fire Truck & Causes Wreck

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Why on earth this woman in an SUV decided to pass a fire truck with its emergency sirens blaring, is beyond me. Then to cut-off the truck and block all lanes of traffic?! Oh, let's not forget about the moron who just ...

KitFox Series 7 Airplane Crashes After Hitting Power Lines

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84-year-old Wilbert Matthes and his 20-year-old grandson (Ian Zawacki) are lucky to be alive following an aviation accident on Sunday, August 12th, 2012. The single-engine KitFox Series 7 airplane which Matthes was pi...

Car Stops to Pick up Hitchhiker & Gets Rear-Ended

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A car pulls over into the merging lane to pick up a hitchhiker, but ends up getting rear-ended by an overly-anxious driver. Talk about an awkward situation for the hitchhiker. "So umm... after you sort this all out...

Dashcam Accidents From Across the Globe

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A compilation of dash cam accidents from Albania, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

Truck Stopped on Road Causes Accident

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It looks like either a road construction vehicle or a dump truck, but either way, why they are stopped around the curve is beyond me. I didn't see any cones, reflectors or flares to warn the drivers coming up on that ...

Pedestrian Hit by Car (Multiple Angles)

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Not-so-bright man darts through a business parking lot, between 2 large trucks, and directly in front of a moving vehicle. He looks to have been injured as he did not immediately get up or move much. This accident was...

Pedestrian v Automobile Compilation

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A compilation of pedestrians getting hit by cars, and many coming incredibly close to being hit.

Karma Catches up to Speeding Driver

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The dash cam vehicle (a BMW) moves from the left to the right lane and begins to pass the Russian Lada (the red car). The Lada driver apparently gets offended that he's being passed, and decides to speed up considerab...