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Pedestrian Hit by Car (Multiple Angles)

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Not-so-bright man darts through a business parking lot, between 2 large trucks, and directly in front of a moving vehicle. He looks to have been injured as he did not immediately get up or move much. This accident was...

Woman Wipes Out on Scooter

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A woman wipes out on her scooter in a 1-vehicle accident. Maybe it has to do with all of those flashing lights! She takes it like a champ, especially for being in those shorts. Includes slow-mo replay. Video create...

Crane Hits Pedestrian Bridge in Russia

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Truck driver forgets he's hauling a crane and it hits a pedestrian bridge over the highway in Russia. The impact severely damages the structure of the bridge and causes a motorcycle accident directly behind the truck....

Sudden Acceleration Accident Caught on Tape

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Sudden, uncontrollable acceleration causes accident in Japan.  Could have been a lot worse. Dash cam catches accident and view of driver. Video Taken 1/8/2012

BMW E90 M3 Hydroplanes Then Rollover Accident

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Dash cam catches a speeding BMW hydroplaning, then slamming into the highway divider causing a rollover accident. Video taken 8/2/2012

Person Clings to Front Bumper of 18-Wheeler to Avoid Death

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Apparently the truck driver drove through a crosswalk, and the pedestrian was hanging on for his dear life. Video taken May 22nd, 2013 (05/22/2013).

Range Rover Causes Head-on Accident

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Very serious head-on accident occurs after a Range Rover crosses the center line into incoming traffic . I would not be surprised if there was a fatality, although you DO slightly hear the dash cam driver at the end o...

Truck Stopped on Road Causes Accident

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It looks like either a road construction vehicle or a dump truck, but either way, why they are stopped around the curve is beyond me. I didn't see any cones, reflectors or flares to warn the drivers coming up on that ...

Karma Catches up to Speeding Driver

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The dash cam vehicle (a BMW) moves from the left to the right lane and begins to pass the Russian Lada (the red car). The Lada driver apparently gets offended that he's being passed, and decides to speed up considerab...

Pedestrian v Automobile Compilation

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A compilation of pedestrians getting hit by cars, and many coming incredibly close to being hit.