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Failed Brakes Cause Bus Accident

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Bus accident on the highway. Sudden traffic ahead and the bus driver is unable to stop, causing many accidents. Video taken 02/16/2012

Female Motorcyclist Hurt in Car Accident

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This video was captured by a female motorcyclist wearing a helmet camera. The person driving the black car actually tried to blame this accident on the motorcyclist! Thankfully it was all on video. Video taken 2/10...

Overtaking Accident and Shrieking Woman

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VOLUME WARNING! Someone gets into a relatively minor rear-end accident while overtaking a group of cars on the highway. The woman in the dash cam car just can't take it! Video taken 7/14/2012

Tractor-Trailer Crosses Highway Divider

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Police dash camera catches a commercial semi-truck crashing through the highway divider into the oncoming lanes.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

BMW E90 M3 Hydroplanes Then Rollover Accident

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Dash cam catches a speeding BMW hydroplaning, then slamming into the highway divider causing a rollover accident. Video taken 8/2/2012

Idiot in Shopping Cart on Highway

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Some idiot, likely drunk or on drugs, decides it would be a good idea to play on the highway in a shopping cart or loading trolley. Incredibly, the cars are able to avoid him; at least the ones we saw in this video.

Audi Crashes Head-on Into VAZ 2114

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The driver of the black Audi drove into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a Russian VAZ 2114. The accident caused 2 fatalities (a man and wife). Their two children (riding in the back seat) were injured, but ...

Truck Stopped on Road Causes Accident

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It looks like either a road construction vehicle or a dump truck, but either way, why they are stopped around the curve is beyond me. I didn't see any cones, reflectors or flares to warn the drivers coming up on that ...

Scooter Hit by Oncoming Car on Highway

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Three people riding on one scooter take the turn a bit too fast and veer into oncoming highway lanes. Very graphic as you can see the 3 people flipping through the air.  There was one fatality, but it could have easil...

Speeding Motorcyclist Hits Stopped Traffic

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Traffic congestion on the highway up ahead causes cars to brake quickly. This speeding motorcyclist (on a "crotch rocket") doesn't see it in time and slams into the rear of a car at a very high rate of speed. No word ...