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Russian Dash-Cam Supercut

2.30K Views0 Comments

A collection of some of Russia's best dash cam clips.

Some People Just Shouldn’t be Driving

2.26K Views0 Comments

Collection of car accident videos set to When the Rain is Gone by Adam F.

Russian Traffic Lights Cause Accidents

2.80K Views0 Comments

Compilation of (you guessed it) Russian car accidents. I just don't understand the streetlights there. No one seems to pay attention to them.

Dashcam Accidents From Across the Globe

3.21K Views0 Comments

A compilation of dash cam accidents from Albania, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

Pedestrian v Automobile Compilation

7.02K Views0 Comments

A compilation of pedestrians getting hit by cars, and many coming incredibly close to being hit.

Pedestrians vs. Cars Compilation

10.42K Views2 Comments

Some of these are pretty bad. Pay attention out there!!

Motorcycle & Scooter Crash Compilation

8.40K Views0 Comments

Large compilation of accidents involving both motorcycles and scooters.  Some of these look pretty bad and I'm not sure if everyone survived, so I slapped the MA sticker on this compilation. People need to realize ...

Cars vs. Large Trucks Accident Compilation

12.76K Views0 Comments

Compilation of accidents involving large trucks and 18-wheelers. There are likely some fatalities in this compilation, so I went ahead and marked it MA. Damn, trucks; you scary.

Pedestrian vs. Car Insurance Scam Attempts

4.29K Views0 Comments

Compilation of Russian insurance scam attempts. I say attempts because they were all luckily caught on camera. Sorry I don't speak Russian or I would translate...

Compilation of Eastern European Car Crashes

10.28K Views1 Comments

Seven minutes of head-on accidents occurring all throughout Eastern Europe. Some are probably fatalities, so it's marked MA, but no gore. Apologies for the rave music; I didn't pick it. Music: Aerofeel5 - Feel T...