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Hard Braking Causes Tires to Skid & a Head-On Collision

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Do not be alarmed by what appears to be a driverless car on auto-pilot with an unbuckled passenger. The accident happens right in front of him. A car brakes hard, loses traction, and causes a horrific head-on collisio...

Car Flips After T-Bone Accident at Intersection

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Hey, what do you know, a dash cam video from America! The car that took the left to cross the intersection was, of course, at fault here. You're only allowed to turn on green when it's clear. Hope everyone was alright...

Ferrari 599 Blows Red Light & Crashes Into Taxi

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Three people were killed when a Ferrari 599 GTO t-boned a taxi cab while speeding in Singapore. The driver of the Ferrari (31-year-old businessman Ma Chi) was killed instantly, while the cab driver & his passenger...

Woman Thrown Through Windshield in Car Crash

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This woman took an unsafe blind turn on at an intersection and got t-boned. She actually gets partially ejected through the windshield! Well, I guess you can't really fly through a windshield when it literally falls o...

High-Speed T-Bone Crash: Mazda vs Honda CR-V

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The Mazda probably never saw it coming. It's scary how easy an accident can happen. The passenger of the Mazda was unfortunately killed in this accident. Video taken October 21st, 2012 (10/21/2012).

T-Bone Accident on Snowy Highway

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T-bone accident on a snowy highway in the Bratsk region of Russia. Video taken November 11th, 2012 (11/11/2012). Date on video is incorrect.

Motorcyclist Runs Red Light & T-Bones Car

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Speeding motorcyclist runs a red light, and t-bones a vehicle. No word on the injuries to the biker. Video taken September 29th, 2012 (09/29/2012).

Overtaking Vehicle Hits Police Car

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A car on a Russian highway attempts to overtake a car and 2 commercial trucks on the highway, but instead t-bones a police car pulling a u-turn. Love the sound the cop car makes when it's hit. Video taken 7/5/2012

Bus Gets Hit & Rides on 2 Wheels

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A large bus grazes a smaller bus, causing the smaller one to drive on 2 wheels for a short time.  So close to rolling over! Video taken 6/18/2012

Motorcyclist T-Bones Car at High Speed

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Biker FLIPS a car when his motorcycle t-bones vehicle at an intersection at a high rate of speed. Skip to 1:10. Video created 07/28/2012