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Female Pedestrian Struck by Dash Cam Vehicle

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So the driver had time to honk, but not brake? It actually seems like the driver accelerated at the end there. And to top it off, the woman's phone gets ran over at the end of the video. Video taken May 22nd, 2013 ...

Two Dumb Drivers = Head-On Accident

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I mean seriously, this is one of the biggest roads I've seen and you managed to run into each other head-on? And what the hell are cars made out of in the Ukraine? The windshield just falls out of the car like that? ...

Slow Speed Head-On Accident With Truck

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Wow, some people just shouldn't be driving. Thankfully the truck was moving so slow, that no one was seriously injured. The driver did strike & break the windshield with his head. Hopefully that knocked some sense...

Bus Driver Avoids Instant Death by Dodging Lamppost

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How incredibly lucky to escape with your life after a freak accident like that! The Chinese bus driver was clearly hit and pushed back by the huge pole which crashed through the windshield, but somehow made it out rel...

WTF – Man Standing on Moving Car Kicking-In Windshield

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Now that's something you don't see everyday (although it didn't seem to phase the dash cam vehicle driver at all). Rumor is, it's an angry husband beating his wife's car, but really, who knows. All it would take to so...

Woman Thrown Through Windshield in Car Crash

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This woman took an unsafe blind turn on at an intersection and got t-boned. She actually gets partially ejected through the windshield! Well, I guess you can't really fly through a windshield when it literally falls o...

Lucky Driver Crawls Out Windshield After Car Accident

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Bad accident while overtaking at an unsafe speed. How extremely lucky, though!  The driver didn't just survive a brutal crash, he escaped with only minor bumps and bruises. Apparently the backseat passenger was also u...

Lucky Truck Driver Flies Through Windshield

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This guy is incredibly lucky to be alive.  He literally crashes through the windshield and walks away after a head-on 18-wheeler accident. Video taken September 19th, 2012.

Steel Bar Flies Through Windshield

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"Lucky" driver escapes death as the car in front hits a metal bar or beam on the road and kicks it back into the dash cam vehicle's windshield. Looks like the dash cam vehicle was following too closely. Such horrib...