This video shows how dangerous a blowout or striking small object in the road can be when traveling at high speeds. There’s no word on the condition of the occupant(s), but that’s a pretty bad accident.

Video taken July 7th, 2010 (07/07/2010).

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  • Sgt. Baker 8 years ago

    This is not a blowout. You can clearly see the car hitting something in the road that lifts it’s rear end off the road. Also, this was from a Chinese bus dash cam taken on July 7, 2010. The original uncut video of this shows the date and time stamp on top of the screen. It was a fatal accident.

  • Thomas 3 years ago

    I read that the Driver died in this Crash but I´m not Sure from what Side i have this Informations 🙂 By the way the Car hit Something on the road before the crash happend. Greets form Germany.