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Wheel Falls Off 18-Wheeler and Hits Car

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The wheel falls off an oncoming 18-wheeler on the highway and smashes directly into the dash cam vehicle.

Lucky Driver BARELY Misses Head-on Collision

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Luck driver barely misses a head-on collision on the highway after almost being struck by another vehicle.

Driver Causes Multiple Accidents Driving Into Oncoming Traffic

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Driver causes multiple accidents driving into oncoming lane. The driver with the dash cam was lucky, but not many others were.

Near-Miss With Large Truck

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Lucky driver barely escapes accident with large truck.

18-Wheeler Crashes Through Barrier Into Oncoming Traffic

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18-wheeler truck crashes through the highway lane-divider and almost annihilates lucky driver.

Pickup Truck Loses Control and is Obliterated by 18-Wheeler

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The driver of a pickup truck loses control on the icy highway and veers into oncoming lanes. The pickup then gets completely obliterated by an oncoming 18-wheeler truck in what looks to be a fatal accident.

Truck Slides on Icy Road and Narrowly Misses Head-on Accident

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The driver of an 18-wheeler truck loses control on the icy road, and narrowly avoids a fatal accident with the dash cam vehicle. Video created 12/04/2011

Number 1 Reason It’s a Good Idea to Have a Dash Cam

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Woman backs into mans car and tries to blame him. Without witnesses and ESPECIALLY without a dash cam, he would have been found liable for the "rear-end" accident. Video created 09/30/2011

Dash Cam Catches Rear-End Accident

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The dash cam driver sets up and captures a perfect shot of a minor rear-end accident involving 4 cars. Video created 07/26/2012

Tree Falls Onto Highway Nearly Causing Accident

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Loggers nearly cause an accident when they fell a tree onto the highway. Video created 07/27/2012