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Bus Gets Hit & Rides on 2 Wheels

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A large bus grazes a smaller bus, causing the smaller one to drive on 2 wheels for a short time.  So close to rolling over! Video taken 6/18/2012

Crane Hits Pedestrian Bridge in Russia

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Truck driver forgets he's hauling a crane and it hits a pedestrian bridge over the highway in Russia. The impact severely damages the structure of the bridge and causes a motorcycle accident directly behind the truck....

Sudden Acceleration Accident Caught on Tape

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Sudden, uncontrollable acceleration causes accident in Japan.  Could have been a lot worse. Dash cam catches accident and view of driver. Video Taken 1/8/2012

BMW E90 M3 Hydroplanes Then Rollover Accident

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Dash cam catches a speeding BMW hydroplaning, then slamming into the highway divider causing a rollover accident. Video taken 8/2/2012

Father & Children Almost Killed Crossing Road

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A Ukranian father attempts to cross a road with his 2 small children, but forgets to look both ways. They are struck by a vehicle but all three seem to be okay. It could have been so much worse! Video taken 7/17/2012

Speeding Audi S4 Causes Fatal Accident pt2

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This is an update to a previous post showing the actual impact of the 2 vehicles. The 22-year-old driver of the Audi lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic, crashing into a Russian Volga. The 28-year-old dr...

Speeding Audi S4 Causes Fatal Accident

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Warning: graphic First you see an Audi S4 speeding by the dash camera vehicle. Shortly thereafter the driver rolls up to the scene of a horrific accident involving the speeding Audi. The dash cam driver then detach...

Overtaking Accident and Shrieking Woman

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VOLUME WARNING! Someone gets into a relatively minor rear-end accident while overtaking a group of cars on the highway. The woman in the dash cam car just can't take it! Video taken 7/14/2012

Man Pumping Gas Almost Gets Killed in Accident

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A bus hits a truck, they careen into a gas station and almost take out a man pumping gas. This guy is so lucky for such slow reaction-time. Video taken 7/04/2012

Truck Hits Bus on Wet Road

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A truck loses control on a wet road, crashes over the road divider, and crashes HARD into a bus. Video taken 07/31/2012