Wow, what a psychopath. This man seriously needs mental help if this is how he reacts to an accident. He’s in his own world acting like a child. Honestly, I really fear for his wife. This man does not know how to control his anger at all.

According to the verbally assaulted driver, the road rage guy purposely forced the accident by slamming on his brakes multiple times, and the accident was pretty minor. The driver of the vehicle with the camera does it right by completely ignoring him. It only makes him crazier that he’s getting no reaction, haha!

Notice at the end of the video the crazy guy puts his hands on the trunk of his car; that’s because the police just showed up to arrest him.

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  • If you just rear ended me and my family and then sat there looking like that no remorse whatsoever I wouldn’t have done that! I would have smashed the window and then kicked your ass lol funny how anger makes you act totally irrational next time dude break the glass THEN kick his ass XP

    • Angeiswack 8 years ago

      Ange I really hope your kidding or trolling, otherwise I loose hope for you.

    • Pussy Marine 8 years ago

      You are a fucking pussy. You wouldn’t do shit you fucking bitch.

    • That really cauetrps the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.